let's help our children find their story

The journey to adulthood is perhaps the greatest transformation any of us makes, and as you’ll recall, is not without its struggles! This is a time when the right support makes a lifetime of difference.

That’s why BJE has reached-out to as many students as possible in non-Jewish Day Schools for over 110 years. BJE helps these students to find and explore their emerging identity with the help of family, friends and the wider Jewish community.

Jewish education that reaches beyond schools

Our mission is simple yet profoundly important: provide NSW Jewish students in non-Jewish primary and high schools with an inspiring, meaningful and inclusive BJE Jewish Journey.

Our programs last for life

With your help, we will enable these children to discover, embrace and explore their identity throughout their school years. We support them to reach their potential and ultimately to help those around them to reach theirs.

Participants are challenged to grow in their Jewish identity and knowledge, expand their circle of Jewish friends, and ultimately give back to the Jewish and broader Australian communities

Sharing our journey makes it theirs

The BJE Jewish Journey connects students to centuries of Jewish thought, culture and tradition that are their inheritance, always orienting that knowledge firmly toward the future. With your help, we’ll be able to ensure the positive impact of the Jewish Journey for generations to come.